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Rejeesh Rajarethinam is a UX Researcher with 11+ years of practice. He is based in Kochi, IN.

A UX recruiter-candidate perspective

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UX managers, recruitment teams and panels, future UX managers and panels.

UX is all about providing extremely pleasant experience for the users right? But why a UX interview does not meet that user expectations? I would like to share my recommendations based on my experience as a UX recruiter and as a candidate.

While recruiting, there are many criteria to choose best fit to the role. Always these are quantitative and qualitative metrics that choose a best fit. The qualitative qualities of the candidates are always depending on the recruiter or the groups of recruiters. …

User advocacy is an inevitable characteristic for a UX enthusiast. They always think in user perspective, they stand strong to get what users needs from the product even though no one backs them.

UX or User Experience practitioner are bowed to stand for the user and lead the show. There is no space for compromise in that space. While rest of the professions can compromise user needs, but a UXer cannot.

I could help budding designers and aspirants to excel and shine in an organization if you feel that you are the only one thinking about users while designing solutions…

User Experience Design or UXD is widely misunderstood among beginners as a mere set of process that are followed before designing User Interface or any tangible artifacts.

In fact UX Design is a way of thinking, viewing in the user perspective. It is a culture of keeping users at the center of any design decisions. Always keep in mind that a UI or a design is a solution for a certain defined user problem.

Lets me disclose some good practices that helped me in my UX career.

Choose UX as a passion and not as just a job

UX is about making world a better place for people (users). Solving real…

As a UX Enthusiast, I see many terms and the confusions it make among the designers. In this post I am attempting to make you understand the differences and similarities of these terminologies.

UX or User Experience is a user’s emotion and attitude while interacting with a product as a whole.

UXer provides the best experience for users by understanding the user needs, goals, pain-points and motivations. In order to identify and understand the users of the system they make use different approaches.

These approaches help UXers to understand and design a better solution for the users in a well…

Rejeesh Rajarethinam

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